Who I am


I'm a white guy from West Virginia who should probably be dead right now.

Instead I'm doing my best to make the world I leave behind me just a little better than when I found it. I'm a Unity minister, and in that capacity, I try to engage meaningfully with the most pressing social and moral issues confronting our communities and our world.

I've got two amazing daughters, 3 marvelous step-daughters, and an incredible stepson. I'm married to the love of my life, Laura, and together we have an incredibly possessive dog named Cleo and a life I wouldn't have imagined as possible. 


Why I do this


I believe that many of us live in unnecessary pain and suffering. I did for many years. The product of an abusive upbringing who self-medicated through alcohol, I nearly lost everything before undertaking the journey to understand my own divinity.

You are intrinsically wonderful.

You are inherently good.

You are deserving of love.


Unfortunately, we live in a society that too often tells us that our worth is based on ridiculous things, like the amount of money in our bank accounts, the color of our skin, our citizenship, our sexual identity or orientation, our political affiliation, the language we speak, and a host of other things. 

We're in this journey together. Let's recover our divinity.

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